'Game of Thrones' author on budget limits: 'I'm greedy, I want more'


The author praised showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, but admitted that he is “greedy” and always wants more visual spectacle.

“The show is quite faithful to the books, for the most part,” he told Vulture. “But David Benioff and Dan Weiss… it’s really their baby. 

“They have a very difficult job of trying to tell my story within ten hours [per season], with the limitations of budget. So I understand why many of the changes that are made are made.”

Martin described the action-packed episode ‘Blackwater’ as “spectacular” but admitted that it did not quite match his expectations.

“I’m very, very pleased by the way that episode came out,” he insisted. “Nonetheless, would I have liked more? Sure, I would have liked more. I’m very greedy.

“But if we had added [more] to the Battle of Blackwater Bay, we’d still be shooting it! It would’ve been impossible - you have to take reality into account.”

Martin recently expressed concerns that HBO is producing Game of Thrones faster than he can write his novels, calling the adaptation a “locomotive… bearing down”.


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